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Tax planning and tax optimization

Крючков Вадим

Vadim Kryuchkov

Senior Partner of Legal Bridge.
Practicing tax consultant and auditor.
Head of the department of financial consulting.

Tel. +7 495 287-73-94


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We render services in the field of tax planning and tax optimization both in Moscow and in regions of the Russian Federation and abroad.

Our services:

Design of a financial and legal scheme of activity of the Company considering the following issues (the descending priority):

  • Tax optimization
  • Providing business security from the point of view of supervision on the part of controlling bodies
  • Optimal balance of tax risks

Tasks of consulting tax planning and optimization projects are always decided considering the specifics of the client’s business. A complex approach is a feature of this activity demanding a serious involvement in the client’s activity.

Highly qualified specialists (leading auditors and/or leading lawyers) are always attracted for realization of these projects. As a rule, in this case a team of lawyers and auditors using the best personnel resources of Legal Bridge Group of Companies works.

Content of work:

Stage 1.

  • Develop an analysis and estimation of past tax risks of the Company.
  • Design of the plan of activities, including opportunities of optimization of taxation and reduction of tax risks. In the process of the design of the plan the possible changes in the parameters of the companies activities will be considered. As a result more than one variant of the plan may be designed. Which is why we always design two or three possible options.
  • Calculations of the tax burdens, factoring in the variations in activity are deigned. Making a number model of the activity of the company with the calculations of taxes on the basis of income and expenses of the company. An opportunity to change numbers with automatic recalculation of the result is provided.

After completion of the first stage of work you received a model of activity of the company in an Excel file with calculations of tax obligations and a graphic chart of variants of the scheme of activity. The results must always be approved by the customer. Finalization and specification of calculations are possible, if necessary.

Stage 2.

Preparation of written information concerning the variant of the scheme of activity approved by the customer with a detailed description of the model, specifically:

  • Contract obligations (with indication of the subjects of the contracts, important rights and obligations);
  • Document flow;
  • The features of taxation based on any given operations.
After the completion of the second stage you receive confidential documents containing a detailed description of the operating procedure of the designed plan.

Stage 3.

  • Design of measures to reduce past tax risks of the company (revealed at the first stage);
  • Preparation of necessary documents concerning the activities of the company (contracts with suppliers, contracts between individuals and legal entities of the company concerning private income and related documents);
  • Registration of necessary legal entities (including entities outside of the Russian Federation), and individual entrepreneurs.

Why us?

  • Working experience since 1994.
  • A professional and experienced team. Vadim Kryuchkov, head of the Financial Consulting Department is a recognized practitioner in the area of tax planning, an author and a teacher of tax planning seminars at Moscow Business School, a member of a working group of the Education Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, a designer of draft laws on taxation of educational institutions.
  • Our risks during professional activities are insured to the value of 5 million rubles.
  • During 20 years of work we have successfully realized more than 5,000 projects. Hoсhland, Moscow City Advertisement, NEWS OUTDOOR RUSSIA and other companies are among our clients.

We understand that in tax planning there are no universal solutions. Each case requires an individual approach. Please contact our consultant and receive a preliminary consultation.

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