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Representative Office and Branch

Elena Bachurina

Elena Bachurina

Head of the Department of Registration of Legal Entities

Tel. +7 (495) 287-73-94


Evgeniya Kopeleva

Evgeniya Kopeleva

Head of the Legal Department

Tel. +7 (495) 287-73-94


We will help you choose a form of incorporation

When opening their offices in Russia, founders do not always understand differences between a representative office, a branch or a limited liability company with foreign ownership. However, they are quite substantial.

We arrange a consultation with a lawyer and a tax expert free of charge to choose a required form of incorporation and elaborate a business scheme.

The consultation can be arranged both as a personal meeting and remotely using communication software (Skype, etc.). English-speaking experts are involved for consultations.

We guarantee 100% outcome

All representative offices and branches submitted by us for extension or accreditation passed it successfully. There were no rejections.

We are confident in the quality of services provided: even rejected, we will file documents for re-registration free of charge and pay the state duty amounting to RUB 120,000 at our own expenses.

We will not abandon you after you are accredited

We prepare accounting and tax reports for the first business quarter of your representative office or branch free of charge after accreditation. Further assistance is provided according to special rates.

We will make an electronic signature for the head of your representative office for filing reports to regulatory authorities and prepare templates of contracts required to start business

Our fee for any of those is 2 100 € (2 300 $) plus goverment fee ≈ 140 000 rubles (1 870 €).

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