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The Legal Bridge Team:

Фото: Vadim Kryuchkov

Vadim Kryuchkov

Senior Partner of Legal Bridge.
Practicing tax consultant and auditor.
Head of the department of financial consulting.

Tel.: +74952877394

E-mail: v.kryuchkov@legal-bridge.ru

Фото: Elena Bachurina

Elena Bachurina

Head of the Department of Registration of Legal Entities

Tel.: +74952877394

E-mail: e.bachurina@legal-bridge.ru

Фото: Julia Makeeva

Julia Makeeva

Head of Accounting Services of Legal Bridge and a practicing tax adviser

Tel.: +74952877394

E-mail: j.makeeva@l-b.ru

Фото: Evgeniya Kopeleva

Evgeniya Kopeleva

Head of the Legal Department

Tel.: +74952877394

E-mail: e.kopeleva@legal-bridge.ru

Фото: Julia Litvin

Julia Litvin

Practicing tax consultant

Tel.: +74952877394

E-mail: j.litvin@legal-bridge.ru

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