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Executive search

Executive Search (search and selection of senior staff) is one of the areas of management consulting conducted by Legal Bridge. It focuses on systematic search and attraction of talented senior managers able to optimally meet challenges facing the Client’scompany.

When carrying out executive search projects, Legal Bridge relies on an exclusive approach. Our consultants consider individual specifics and requests on the part of both the Client and the Candidate.

Executive Search service is performed in several stages:

  • preliminary consultations;
  • market research;
  • selection and assessment of candidates (more on «Testing of candidates» service);
  • hiring and contracting.

Preliminary consultations

At the stage of preliminary consultations we analyze the structure of the Client’s company, define candidate specifications, analyze market situation, assess order feasibility, define a search strategy and the cost of services. We conclude a written agreement with the Client, which stipulates the cost of work, candidate specifications, terms and guarantees.

Analysis of current challenges facing your business, strategic plans of your company, as well as many years of experience in the executive search industry and profound industrial specialization of consultants enable us to cooperate and determine an accurate and detailed profile of the position and candidate specifications. Development of a formal position description is preceded by extensive consultations on the current state of the required professional market, special aspects of remuneration, specifics and peculiarities of the search. The result of this stage is a detailed position description and a portrait of an ideal candidate (job description).

Market research

We conduct a thorough and consistent research of the target candidate market — a kind of marketing research in accordance with individual requirements of the Client. This research is conducted in Client's competitor companies, as well as in relating industries and markets. In the first place, Executive Search technology requires a deep knowledge of the Client’s market and business environment. Our consultants familiarize themselves with the vast information field through the use of extensive databases, learning the structure of specific market segments and a thorough analysis of market development trends.

The research results is provided in a report that reflects the market situation, identifies industry leaders and presents a long list of candidates. We use different methods to attract candidates such as direct search, use of databases accumulated over the years of practice, recommendations and relations of market colleagues and professionals we are acquainted with. The work is performed in the absolute confidentiality. The result of this stage is a «long list» of candidates.

Selection and assessment of candidates

After a thorough selection performed by our consultants, we provide the client with a short list of candidates following personal meetings with candidates and their reference check. We assess the level of their professional experience, skills, personal qualities and potential, cultural fit for the client company. We study motivating factors that may affect the candidate’s decision to transfer to another job, successful experience, strengths and weaknesses, and describe risks associated with each of them. In order to assess candidates we are able to attract the best independent experts in this area of ​​business. A short list is accompanied by detailed commentaries and consultant reasoning. The client personally selects candidates he would like to meet with. The result of this stage is a «short list» of candidates.

Hiring and contracting

We arrange meetings for the client with the best candidates from the short list. Based on selection results, we offer assistance in negotiations with the final candidate regarding terms of his transfer and further cooperation with your company. Legal Bridge experts help you to develop a system of performance indicators and determine on its basis the optimal ratio of fixed and bonus parts of remuneration, parameters of a long-range motivation program, additional components of the pay package. The result of this stage is the candidate’s commencement working for your company.

Principles of our partnership:

  • Strict confidentiality of information
  • We never poach candidates which we previously fixed up for a job with our other clients
  • Preparation of objective and accurate information on the candidate
  • Strict compliance with the deadlines of the contract
  • Guaranteed replacement of the chosen specialist (during probation)
  • Maintenance of regular contact with the client at all stages of the search
  • Tracking and dealing with emerging issues at the probation stage.

What makes us stand out among the other market players:

  • We search where others cannot find. The unconventional approach to finding candidates and ability to find where others can’t think of looking for — this is just our uniqueness.
  • We establish contacts with people who are not even looking for a new job.
  • We believe in importance of market knowledge, but we believe even more in the value of good, trust relationships between its members.

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