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Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of conformity — is a document that certifies the correspondence of any processes, products or services. There two types of declaration of conformity:

1) Voluntarily declaration

The type of declaration that is used for a competitive advantage. This type of declaration most of all is used for conforming services or products to the international standards.

2) The mandatory declaration of conformity.

Such a declaration includes two forms:

  • Declaration of conformity.
    Consists of two stage process: preparation and submission of the declaration and documents; registration of the declaration.
    The declaration of conformity has to be done by the supplier of products. This certification will accompany the main documents as an appendix. The products are marked with conformity marks.
  • Mandatory certification.
    It is an obliged condition for special products to be permitted in the market of Russian Federation. In the mandatory certification is given the full information about directions, technical requirements and documents adopted.
    The certification of Mandatory is certified by the authority. The mandatory certification marked the products by a mark of conformity that includes a special coding.

On the website of ROSSTANDART (the Russian Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology) are listed all the products that are required to have the mandatory certification. Also there is given the information about the documents describing the major requirements for such products.

The new technical regulations are adopted on a statute by statute basis. After the adoption of the statute the products that are listed in the statute are regulated by this statute.

Certificates for Exporters

In case you are interested in export any products to Russian Federation, our company will help you in this matter giving the full list of services. We will also help you in obtaining all the necessary documents and certificates so that to start or to develop your business.

Our company could help you to obtain several most important documents, that are necessary to receive before starting the activity:

  • The letters about the mandatory certification of their products
  • GOST R Certificates
  • Consultations about Russian standards
  • Our help in obtaining any other documents.

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