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IFRS accounting

The Legal Bridge group of companies provides services in the field of IFRS:

  • Transformation of financial statements of the RAS into the IFRS standard of financial statements;
  • Consolidation in the IFRS standards within the group;
  • Audit, according to international standards on auditing (ISA)m the financial statements of companies prepared in accordance with the IFRS and US GAAP;
  • Develop a chart of accounts to conduct financial accounting to IFRS.

We also provide exclusive services for the preparation of financial statements in according to the Luxembourg GAAP (GAAP-Luxembourg).

How is the price set?

The cost of services is determined according to the IFRS and is based on the results of the survey of each client.

Using IFRS provides an unambiguous interpretation of statements. This makes it possible to compare the financial performance for the activities within the holding company structure, as well as with outside firms. The findings always provide competitive advantages.

Why chose us?

  • We are an experienced team and we have been working on consulting and auditing services since 1994. Our staff — all certified by IFRS.
  • We have more than 800 active clients. We have been chosen and recommend by — Hoshland, Moscow City Advertising, NEWS OUTDOOR RUSSIA and others. Customer reviews.
  • Our risks in the conduct of professional work are insured for 5 million rubles.
  • We take an individual approach to each client and the pursuit of development and promotion of the client's business.
  • Thanks to the experience gained in the system of Russian and International Financial Reporting Standards the Legal Bridge Group has an impeccable reputation and is considered to be a reliable partner.

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I accept the Terms of Use

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