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The Legal Bridge Team

Julia Vereshagina

Julia Vereshagina

Head of Accounting Services of Legal Bridge and a practicing tax adviser.

Main areas of counseling

  • Tax law, tax planning and optimization
  • Audit, analysis of tax risks
  • Analysis of financial and economic activity of the company
  • Tax examination of draft agreements and transactions for compliance with the tax laws
  • Development and implementation of accounting policies 
  • Labor law
  • Reorganization of companies in various forms
  • Accounting and tax accounting for non-profit organizations
  • Creating accounting and tax records
  • Advising on foreign trade and currency legislation
  • Development of a system of bonuses
  • Accounting record
  • Tax record
  • HR outsourcing
  • Paperwork/office work in the enterprise
  • Interaction with the tax authorities to lift the sanctions imposed on bank accounts
  • The process of check-ups with the IRS and the interaction with the tax authorities during the off-site inspections.

Work experience

Experience in accounting, taxation and audit for more than 11 years

  • Participation in projects to optimize taxation
  • Project management for assessment of tax risks, analyzing tax expenditures, development of recommendations on optimization of tax plans
  • Experience in tax inspection
  • Supervision of the project on the subscriber Customer Service
  • Supervising project for a declaration form 3-NFDL for customers. The development of this direction "from scratch".
  • Planning, organizing and conducting tax audits as a leader

Publications, lectures and seminars

  • Lectures on the subject of: "Monitoring changes in the regulatory acts relating to taxation and accounting"
  • Participation in specialized exhibitions and conferences.
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